Taking Provigil while trading..

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  1. I'm wondering if this so called wonder drug can be good for us price action traders. Anybody ever take it?


    They are all around us, a secret society of the successful. They say what gives them an advantage, though, isn't just purposefulness or perseverance but a little secret weapon, a pill called Provigil.

    There is the lobbyist, who wakes up at 5 a.m. to complete two full workouts before heading to work.

    "I could not do this without Provigil. You know, it just wouldn't be the same," she told ABC News, asking that ABC News not identify her. "It's amazing. ... I just don't get ... why more people don't know about it."

    John Withers, a computer programmer, can write code for 12 hours at a time.

    "It helps you focus up for exceptionally long periods of time," he said.

    And then there is the brain researcher who can find connections no one else is seeing. She asked that we not name her.

    "It's just a clear day," she said. "The fog isn't there."

    Cognitive enhancement

    There is disagreement to whether the cognitive effects modafinil showed in healthy non-sleep-deprived people are sufficient to consider it to be a cognitive enhancer.[56][57][58] The researchers agree that modafinil improves some aspects of working memory, such as digit span, digit manipulation and pattern recognition memory, but the results related to spatial memory, executive function and attention are equivocal.[56][57][58][59] Some of the positive effects of modafinil may be limited to "lower-performing"[59] individuals or to individuals with lower IQ.[60] One study found that modafinil restored normal levels of learning ability in methamphetamine addicts, but had no effect on non-addicts.[61]

    There is evidence of neuroprotective effects in rats.[62]
  2. Military and law enforcement

    Militaries of several countries are known to have expressed interest in Modafinil as an alternative to amphetamines—the drug traditionally employed in combat situations where troops face sleep deprivation, such as during lengthy missions. The French government indicated that the Foreign Legion used modafinil during certain covert operations. The United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence commissioned research into Modafinil[93] from QinetiQ and spent £300,000 on one investigation.[94] In 2011, the Indian Air Force announced that modafinil was included in contingency plans.[95] The Indian Armed Forces Medical Services is researching its use.

    In the United States military, Modafinil has been approved for use on certain Air Force missions, and it is being investigated for other uses.[96] One study of helicopter pilots suggested that 600 mg of modafinil given in three doses can be used to keep pilots alert and maintain their accuracy at pre-deprivation levels for 40 hours without sleep.[97] However, significant levels of nausea and vertigo were observed. A second helicopter study found modafinil was comparable to dextroamphetamine and was well-tolerated[98]. Another study of fighter pilots showed that modafinil given in three divided 100 mg doses sustained the flight control accuracy of sleep-deprived F-117pilots to within about 27 percent of baseline levels for 37 hours, without any considerable side effects.[99] In an 88-hour sleep loss study of simulated military grounds operations, 400 mg/day doses were mildly helpful at maintaining alertness and performance of subjects compared to placebo, but the researchers concluded that this dose was not high enough to compensate for most of the effects of complete sleep loss.[100] In law enforcement, tactical paramedics in Maryland (US) may administer 200 mg of modafinil once daily in order to "enhance alertness / concentration" and "facilitate functioning with limited rest periods."[101]
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    wont even read this crap...
  4. +1 ET seems to be more like a kindegarten class day by day.Nothing of value at all on this site.

  5. LOL, dude, im not joking its supposed to get you super focused without feeling weird or high or jittery or anything. Simply super sharp, super focused!

    The damn government uses it! They give it to fighter pilots to stay sharp!

  7. Coffee works just fine....

    Muscle cramps. A crawling out of your skin feeling. Provigil has a very narrow use profile. May be of use for you while you burn the candle at both ends while learning to trade.....