Taking Profits from the House

Discussion in 'Trading' started by hefty1, Aug 8, 2005.

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    This is by far the largest trade I've made to this point. One has to think of the housing market as a trade. The wife and I have somewhat more than $200k in profits if we were to sell our house. There are a ton of nice condos for rent on the water here in Tampa for very reasonable prices.

    My question is, what would be a tax effecient investment strategy for our proceeds. I'm thinking 2 yr cd but I'm not all that creative. We hope to buy again in that time period. Are there tax benefits from a basket of preferred stocks? Are there moderately safe 7% returns out there?

    I appeal to my fellow traders for ideas :) Thx in advance.
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    *With glazed eyes and blank stare* Yes, making money the Fabian way is the answer we have been looking for. His way to riches is for me.

    Damn Tanq and tonics :)
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    I think Krugman has a point. My area is way too hot right now. Its not San Diego, its Tampa for crissake and the only ones driving the Carreras are the developers. I cant see how the mkt can support these prices.

    If everyone is talking real estate, then its time to exit.
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    Who was it who said more money is lost trying to get the first and last eighths...
    ; )
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    Never has a bubble topped when the world was on bubble watch. I would certainly not be buying new real estate on speculation right now, but I don't know that its time to sell either. I'm just south of you in Sarasota and prices here are up about 40% in the last year, however every place you look people are asking is this the top. Saying its a bubble etc. Its not a bubble when everyone thinks it is. Everyone said internet stocks were a bubble in about 1996/97..then in 2000 they were all believers and thats when the top came.

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    Very true, look how early Greenspan was with his irrational exuberance comment. Selling now is certainly a weighty decision. They say u never go broke taking profits, but who's to say I won't be priced out in 2 yrs and looking for a house in Newnan , Ga. But to be liquid and cherry picking opportunities, not necessarily R/E, would be sooo nice.

    PS Brandon, to say that you would not be buying R/E on specualtion reinforces the fact that I dont believe that smart money is pouring into the sector any longer.
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    Well one way Krugman gives for determining the state of your local market is to look at the number of listings and that trend. Are they piling up?
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