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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by danjuma, May 11, 2015.

  1. danjuma


    Is there a way to put in an order with IB via TWS with partial profit (say half of position to be closed at a specified price)? I have searched and searched and can't find a solution. Bracket order would have done the job but does allow the order size for the take profit to be changed (defaults to the full original order size). Thanks
  2. KiwiFi


    I am not sure what asset you are talking of but wouldn't a standard limit order do it?
  3. Autodidact


    After the bracket is placed edit the exit size or buy/rent a pro DOM for IB like NT or Button Trader
  4. KiwiFi


    if you buy 100x's @ 10 (shares, futures what ever) and you want to take profit on half at 15 you can just put a sell limit order for 5 @ 15
  5. i960


    He's talking about having his original OCO group updated to account for the position partially closed. OP: no, TWS does not do this. Either do it manually, use an interface that can, or use 2 original orders when putting on the position.
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  6. KiwiFi


    Ahh, okay he wants to link the two orders. Sorry I haven't used the UI only the API for interactive brokers. But I know from the API you can attach an OCO group onto an order manually. Not sure how this works in the GUI.

    EDIT - Using TWS just then, I could enter a Limit order for my scenario above then in the advanced box I can enter a stop loss in the area "One Cancels Other"

    You would have to enter two stop losses for the sizes in each area, but i assume you would want to do that as one stop loss would be linked to one take profit anyway.
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  7. danjuma


    "After the bracket is placed edit the exit size or buy..."

    @Autodidact, how do you do this, as I can's see the option to do this (the order size field is greyed out - not editable)?
  8. danjuma


    "Either do it manually,...."

    @i960, how do you do it manually (from what I already do using the bracket order)? Thanks
  9. danjuma


    Okay, I have figured out a way round it.
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  10. kenmia


    Been over 5 years since this post...does anyone know how to take a partial profit on TWS with IB. Like taking 50% of the position off with a hotkey?

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