Taking in the crop, shrinking illegals, and reducing unemployment

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Ricter, Apr 30, 2010.

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    Should we compel our legal citizens, currently drawing unemployment benefits, to go to work harvesting the nation's crop, at Mexican illegal labor wages, and cut off their unemployment checks? This would get the crop in, discourage to some extent Mexican illegal immigration, and take people off the government dole.
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    I keep hearing crap about how Americans won't work for minimum wage. It's a damn lie. Go to almost any temp agency and you'll find Americans doing dogshit work for minimum wages.

    Illegal advocates say nonsense like if we paid Americans to pick crops, we'd have to pay $10 for a single tomato, and the stupid gullible public believes it. When are people going to wake up and realize they're getting played like cheap fiddles? :mad:

    If the greedy farm owners were forced to hire American, maybe they'd have to sell their second Mercedes, but the country wouldn't starve.
  3. Actually migrant farm work is one of the legit "fields"-no pun intended-attractive to Mexican workers. Hence, for decades, Mexicans have been allowed into California for that specific work.

    Yes, American's will work low paying jobs. In many parts of the country-and in many two income households-an extra 50 bucks a day goes a long ways toward survival. But how many people would pack up and move, to earn a fruit pickers wage? Not many.
  4. along with able-bodied people collecting welfare or other serious govt handouts.

    And maybe we should put some of the GS type execs doing this kind of job. It might give them some perspective :D
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    It's not all the crops, just the few hand picked ones.

    Yes, we should ban illegals from being crop pickers. It would either force innovation or it would force locally grown produce.

    The rise in price would not be nearly as dramatic as some say, the local folks selling along the road are basically the same price as the supermarket.
  7. Scumbag greedy contractors were the number one group to hire illegals...which is why areas that are overbuilt and the hardest hit by the construction recession have the problem with illegals resorting to crime to live...