taking female Hormones makes a better trader?

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    Maybe PureTrick should take some estrogen?

    I did notice Alex gets a bit too "agressive" in his rants, maybe a more feminine approach to scalping YM would make them net profitable!

    el surdo
  3. As logic is essential to good trading, female hormones could not possibly make one a better trader.

    Being female hormones, the only kind of logic they could stimulate would be "crack logic"... which is actually anti-logic... and therefore no logic at all.

    In Conclusion.... IF female hormones could have an effect on a trader, the only logical impact would be to turn the trader into a PUSSY! (Can't make any money that way.)

  4. Well, if these hormones make you a better trader getting your ass larger in a process is sure a small price to pay! :D
  5. lol very nice :)

  6. Don't try it. It'll permanently destroy your manhood.


    If you're genuinely interested have a look at this article. It discusses the findings of a study recently conducted on 18 traders at a firm in London.

    The study examines the relationship(s) between a trader's cortisol- and testosterone levels and market volatility and profitability, amongst other things.

    This is only a link to the abstract. You'll have to pay 10.00 for the full PDF.

  8. You beat me to the punch DLADLER. The journal in which the article was published, "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA" is rather reputable and although one needs be careful when attributing things to such and such a hormone, it is interesting that cortisol the 'stress' hormone appears to be inversely correlated with volatility while more testosterone appears to be correlated with a profitable day as a trader.

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