taking £34.93 to £1m by 2011

Discussion in 'Journals' started by ropey b, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. ropey b

    ropey b

    I have just started trading and after punching a few numbers into my calculator I reckon I can easily become a millionaire by 2011. I already have £34.93.

    My edge:

    I feel lucky

    Open positions at start of thread:

    long bb. 54.0
    long qq. 194.5
    short gmg 270.29
  2. ropey b

    ropey b

    25th - closed GMG 250.09, profit 10.10 - it went down

    25h - sold MRW at 264.2 - needed a hedge for my long positions was looking at retail sector and this one jumped out - hoping for bad news soon

    and doubled stake in BB. - was only v. small stake anyway and want to increase exposure to banking sector

    account balance on 28th - 42.13

    sorry for late update (to all 33 of you who have viewed the thread) as have been very busy deciding which italian sports car to buy when I hit the 1m mark
  3. You better hurry, bc it takes at LEAST 2 years to pick out a car! LMAO

  4. ropey b

    ropey b

    today I closed my QQ. long for 197.6 (+3.1p) and my MRW short for 263.9 (+.3p).

    looking to spice things up a bit so today I will be shopping for some riskier assets.

    I know choosing the right car will be a long and stressful journey but I think with dicipline I can get through it. Of course the real toughie will be when the sunseeker catalogue arrives, but lets not get ahead of ourselver here.

    account balance £47.66
  5. ropey b

    ropey b

    cheated a bit and put another £30 cash in today.

    new positions:

    long cobham 206.3 - they supply bits to the defence industry.
    short lloyds tsb 291.4 - they've got massive mortgage exposure and I think investors may be holding on till next wed when they go ex-div before selling
    short MAB 251.8 - wanted to short pubs and their 'interim managment statement' smacks of desparation
    long cattles 123.3 - they sell loans to scallies.

    market timing was poor - I was net short for about an hour and this cost me a couple of quid.