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  1. Forming an investing idea is tuff here folks I've gotten pimp slapped on some names and as usual I trade right through these setbacks but I'm seeing more reversals than I like. But I got bills to pay.

    I'm going with LMRA.>>

    Yes it's the damn " LAST MILE " solution again.. the old fibre to the curb that lost me so much money in the past with Metromedia fibre and others is back in a " Nano " way without the fibre!. REMEMBER back it was late last year when these guys apparently solved the holy grail:

    Lumera had "completed successful testing of its millimeter wave wireless bridge that will enable government and commercial entities to transmit vast amounts of data via a variety of high speed telecommunications networks."

    Shares of Lumera jumped $3.58, or 216%, to $5 Monday on volume of 7 million shares. Average daily volume in the $112 million market-cap company is 149,000 shares.

    Oh baby that was some pop. So now the company has been oh so quiet. Too quiet if you ask me the stock is at a point where quite frankly you could take a shot with me and if things work out tomorrow you will have great support at $4.50. The bet is tomorrow they update their research and development activities likely going a long way in renewing interest in shares. A move in share price is also likely to be amplified by the massive short position in Lumera shares. Current data shows there are about 3.37 million shares short, nearly 35% of the company's public float of 9.48 million shares.
  2. Well?

    LMRA pops $1.40 at opening on LMT contract.....

    Ok. Buying before earnings was a BIG mistake. I thought the news of a new potential contract might of come out then. Let me tell you all a funny story.
    On Friday I was so depressed I tried to sell my LMRA.
    I got one of those warnings that I was selling stocks from uncleared funds or whatever at I would be subject to the 90 day restriction again. Just having come off one of those I slammed my computer closed and just walked away that security could of ticked to zero and wiped me out... but a funny thing happened on the way to the market and what's funnier is I KNEW IT WOULD.
    Folks you have to just believe me but I psychically conjured some good news on this stock. And now we can forget about earnings and get excited again by this play. I am placing LMRA in the almost break out camp for a top play for 07' I'd like to grab that 40 cents back before the close. STONEY's BACK FOLKS!!!!!!!
  3. LMRA snaps back 40c to retest early high...

    This is looking WAY good folks! Nasty double top above us that if we can blast past it... see ya...
  4. LMRA pops across double top to new session high!

    Got it folks! Hope you all got in on that 40 cent pullback. Need to close up here and finish the week strong but this could spread to more contracts.

    > My initial target at the 7 ½-8 zone, secondary target up around the 10 area, and the longer-term target in the mid- to high teens.
  5. I'm sensing resistance from you folks I know it's hard in a scary market to pick up a low priced stock. But keep in mind.
    LMRA continues working lower in orderly morning down channel on profit taking,but a breakout of that channel on a volume surge could result later on today. Will continue to monitor it closely
    >(LMRA) As of February, there were 3.41 million shares short of Lumera, a substantial portion of the company's publicly traded float of 9.48 million shares.

    > On more contract. One more good press release. And Pop goes the weasel!
  6. Key point folks I'm starting to sweat a bit.

    >LMRA's high today, right at its 4 month declining tops line!. Important it gets a breakout on high volume over 5.15-.20 to confirm a possible trend reversal.

    This is when I leave the house. This can get done with your help. Bust $5.20 and let tyhe shorts take you to $7 heaven. Help Kill A Shortseller Today! BUY LMRA
  7. I'm back in the house. I have no idea where the stock is. I have summed up my feelings anew on LMRA.
    we are basing above the $4 level since early February> As of February, there were 3.41 million shares short of Lumera, a substantial portion of the company's publicly traded float of 9.48 million shares.

    Lumera was first put on the radar in October of last year when it announced that it completed successful testing of its millimeter wave wireless bridge. Lumera said the system will allow the transmission of "vast amounts of data via a variety of high speed telecommunications networks." Yet, shares just went ice cold, peaking after November earnings news in which the company reported losses for the third quarter and announced a $17 million private placement.

    In December, the company updated investors on its wireless bridge, saying that it successfully tested data rates from 2.5 gigabits per second (Gbps) to 10 Gbps and is still trying to create a commercial-ready product. Lumera is also working with Harvard Medical School researchers to build discovery and diagnostic methods with Lumera's Proteomic Processor biosensor relevant to cancer research. In January, the company announced it was showcasing the new design of its ProteomicProcessor at PepTalk, a week long conference on protein research being held in San Diego. According to Lumera officials, the new design is the result of feedback from drug discovery scientists at several biopharmaceutical companies with whom the company has ongoing discussions. At the time, we thought Lumera would announce a partnership with these companies, certainly a possibility, but the company remained real quiet . Earnings then came, and with losses mounting to the tune of a net loss of $12.1 million or $.70 per share for 2006, disappointed the Street. The stock fell. Yet, there were some positives in last Thursday's earnings release, especially as Lumera's technology continues to move forward.

    Lumera reported that it was continuing its development on a new generation of electro-optic modulators and other devices for optical networks and systems based on proprietary polymer materials. Further, the company reported it had identified target customers and organizations that would be interested and announced that government agencies had expressed interest in its technology.

    Investors gained further insight into Lumera's potential dealings when the company announced that it received a purchase order from Lockheed Martin (LMT) for Lumera's high electro-optic activity materials. The term of the agreement is until December 31, 2007, at which time Lockheed Martin will advise Lumera of its intentions regarding a commercial license for the materials. Though there were no dollar amounts disclosed, the agreement is a milestone and indicative of interest in Lumera technology and the potential for that technology to be useful for commercial purposes. The Lockheed Martin deal is most likely the beginning....

    I am oh so close to making this my new Top Pick For 07' just need a little technical confirmation which I hope to see later this week. ~ stoney
  8. Here comes the confirmation folks. How much are you loving the stonedinvestor now!

    (LMRA) Lumera announces that it has been awarded an extension to a U.S. government contract to continue development of technologically advanced wideband optical modulators. The 12-month contract is valued at approximately $1.15 mln; the overall contract value has now reached approximately $6.9 mln.

    goodbye DOUBLE TOP!
  9. Boy I'm learning the hard way about heavily shorted stocks. It's no fun. Just can't break this trading range!
    Very, very frustrating.
  10. Ok I'm back/ turned away last time @ $5 plus we had a VERY strong close in LMRA yesterday!
    LMRA Lumera Corp (NASDAQ GM) 4.75 +0.43 ( +9.95%)

    Open 4.39 High 4.78 Low 4.28 Volume 1,052,200

    Ok we've swung back to the top of the range.... let's
    BREAK OUT NOW!!!!!!

    Those of U not on board for this one of Stoney's Top Picks for 07' might want to watch for RS out of LMRA today in face of a messy market-- a good push over $5 and I'd get in!:)
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