Taking A Stand: NYC Rabbi, Imam Unite

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  1. May 22, 2009 9:14 am US/Eastern
    Taking A Stand: NYC Rabbi, Imam Unite

    Don Dahler
    NEW YORK (CBS) ―

    As we saw after Sept. 11, 2001, the invisible victims of Islamic terrorism are other Muslims, millions of people who are horrified by the thought that some of their own could turn the words of the Quran into a justification for murder.

    On Thursday, some of them took a stand against terrorism.

    At the 96th Street mosque, there was something you don't see everyday – a rabbi and an imam embracing, and then standing together in unity.

    "These intended evils must be condemned, and I'm here to condemn it," said Imam Shamsi Ali of the Islamic Cultural Center of New York.

    "Any attack on a Jewish religious institution is an attack on any and every religious institution," said Rabbi Marc Schneier of the Foundation For Ethnic Understanding.

    It was Imam Ali who suggested the joint statement of condemnation. He said the very word "jihad" has been perverted.

    "Life in Islam is so sacred, and any individual taking lives is basically taking the lives of all human beings as the holy Quran mentions," Ali said.

    No one knows for certain how many Muslims live in America. The United States census doesn't collect data on religious identification, but estimates range from 1 to 8 million.

    But a study by Columbia University puts the number of Muslims in New York City at 600,000, many of whom live and work in neighborhoods like one in Brooklyn along Atlantic Avenue.

    And whenever something like this happens, the thousands of good, law-abiding, patriotic Muslims worry that once again, the stereotype of a violent Islam is once again being perpetuated.

    "We do feel that the coupling of religion and terror in terminology does provide a negative image of the Muslim-American community," said Aliya Latif of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

    According to the Pew Research Center, fully a third of all Muslims in this country are African-Americans who, like some of the bomb-plot suspects, converted to Islam either in prison or in their urban neighborhoods. But just because they share a religion with the bomb plotters, they said, does not mean they share their violent beliefs.

    Rabbi Schneier shared some letters with CBS 2 HD he'd received from the Muslim community, including one from the Islamic Society of North America, which said in part, "any form of terrorism is against Islam. We applaud law and order authorities for being alert and detecting the potential threat."
  2. It's very nice of Imam Ali. Unfortunately:

    -Muslim Americans support Al Qaeda and terrorism in alarming numbers according to a new Pew Poll.

    -13% of all American Muslims approve of suicide bombings. The sentiment is strongest among younger Muslims...which means that 305,000 Muslims living in the United States support suicide bombings.

    -Only 40% of American Muslims believe that Arab men attacked the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001

    -47% of American Muslims consider themselves Muslim first rather than American.

    -25% of all younger Muslims in the United States support suicide bombings to defend religious beliefs.
  3. Change in Islam begins where?

    At the leadership level, or on the peon level?

  4. Change in Islam begins where?
    In Saudi Arabia. :)

    At the leadership level, or on the peon level?
    One lowly Imam in Jew York:D does not represent change in Islam. Get real.
  5. Martin Luther...one lonely Catholic.

  6. Martin Luther = one lonely Catholic
    but one lonely catholic <> Martin Luther
    and one lowly Imam <> Martin Luther.

    Oh boy, now I have to explain the basics of logic to ignorant internet trolls and Islamonazi apologists.:eek:
  7. Would you want one lowly Imam to become a Martin Luther and begin a reformation of Islam?

  8. It is not hard to understand that 911 was known before it happened. You don't have to be muslim to believe this, just look at the arguments and facts.

    If you were the president, would you just sit in a classroom for 20 minutes after being whispered to your ear that WTC was collapsed by an airplane hit and that 4 airplanes are missing in the air?

    I don't think so

    Secondly, how come UAL and AA options volume skyrocketed a day before 911? The volume was hundreds more compared to averager. So someone knew 911 beforehand. So howcome FBI or CIA did not catch them?

    There are so many other facts if revealed in the national TV stations, there will be riots on the streets.

    Even a guy with an IQ of 1 will understand that 911 was known by the US Govt and they did not stop it. I am not saying they did it, but they knew it. I am %100 sure. But that is me.