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  1. As many have seen lately, there are a ton of posts concerning Mr. Hersheys method. While this of course fine and welcome, it seems to be permeating onto WAY too many other threads. Seems that the same few people want to keep creating aliases and ruining many threads that dont otherwise have to do with Mr. Hershey.

    What I am going to do, from this point forward, is to use the complain feature when one of these new aliases trolls other threads ruining their integrity as well as then use the ignore feature. Hopefully, if others do the same, these guys wont be able to do it anymore. Once again, I'm not saying to complain everytime, because there is still a thread or two where its appropriate but its just getting way to out of hand. It seems like every thread I read these days, there is some unhappy soul searching to complain about Mr. Hershey.

    It would be great if others, who feel the same way, would participate. We need to keep all this banter off of most other threads :D

    Thanks for listening and good trading to all.
  2. 1) I have had and will have nothing to do with any trolling threads on ET, or anywhere else.

    2) I like Jack Hershey, and he has always expressed a willingness to convey market trading ideas and strategies, and has always been gracious to me.

    But what I really want to know is whether people call you Harry Balls.
  3. If that were indeed my real name, I would have had a rough childhood :p

  4. what amazes me about the hershey thing is how so many people can buy into the "kings clothes routine" i just waded through a bunch of his post and it is mind boggling how anyone could think there is anything to that. i see most everyone post charts after the fact. what genius that is. must be a sponsor or supported by a sponsor is all i can figure. if the rules were clearly defined and they seem to be a moving target "even the faithful say so". if the rules were defined you could make a system and see what it's worth. but most likely they would say nothing can beat a human mind yada yada. yet the human mind can not define a clear concise set of rules? not buying it.

    mark brown
  5. The ignore/complain function doesnt do much good when someone can be back on the board in five minutes with a different alias.
  6. Ah c'mon mark, be fair.

    If you can look for free advertising with your username (which the Mods didn't seem to like too much) and talk about how you were doing 50,000 RT's (which may be true for all I know) jack can have a perfect system which only he can trade.

    If one makes sense, so can the other.

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    if you all turn your collective back to a troll thread by not response to it, it will sinks faster than the time it takes to say titfortat. Only the most participated thread will raise to top, simple enough.
  8. ET nature itself will give any troll a podium.

    We respond to their messages, we debate with them, we start threads and complain about them et cetera.

    Simply, trolling will continue to be popular if all we do is put someone on ignore.

    Your going to need to take it much further than that via never acknowledging their existence...

    Most traders here at ET that argue with problematic posters can't do that and prefer to debate with problematic posters...

    I guess everybody does it to vent.

    Think about it, your mentioning of Jack Hershey name in this thread is an open invitation to invite trolls.

    You just gave them another podium to express their opinions.


  9. I mostly lurk on these boards for entertainment purposes and occasionally post when I feel compelled. I have tried to skim a few of the Hersey threads, but immediately came to the conclusion that they are (to be very polite) the thoughts of a mind which is totally alien to mine.

    Having said that, I have found it extremely fascinating to observe how many people appear to be true believers of the supposed system or method or whatever they call it. It's possible they are all the same person, but probably not likely. It never ceases to amaze me how easily some people can be influenced. I watched an episode of an investigative news program about a year ago (I think it was Dateline NBC) where a con man was calling fast food restaurants and posing as a police detective. He would tell the restaurant manager that an employee was stealing from them and then instruct him/her to interrogate the employee. Amazingly, the managers complied without question just because he sounded authoritarian. In several cases, they actually strip searched the employee under the direction of the purported detective and in at least one restaurant it resulted in a sexual assault of the employee. One can only imagine what havoc could be wreaked if there were a telephone hotline to some of the supposed guru's on this web-site. :D


  10. There are only a couple of more pertinent issues than time in the forum.

    Recently I saw a thread labelled 10 rules for trolling or something.

    I wrote out many pages of stuff to grasp the underlying thought of the question and after five hours of work, decided to not reply.

    To make noise, you have to be in the forum and being on the sidelines or the consideration of sidelines is a message to you.

    The topic of trolling is a strange one. Trolling is defined according to the person more than the forum in the final analysis.

    It is very hard for a person to sit for a moment and clean the slate to be able to consider important things.

    One of the greatest impediments to making noise is the unwillingness of people to make noise caused by how they close the door on opportunity.

    As they focus more and more on eliminating opportunity, they are, in effect, putting capital at directly at trolling by paying this deep and severe opportunity cost.

    The average long term daily profits of ES traders is a classic and seminal statement of how expensive it is to leave noise on the table by imposing the opportunity cost that is represented by imposing major sideline restrictions.

    I do know that this 1 point per day in ES as a long term average is a net derived from a near balance of losses and gains. I know that not sidelining for all these potential losses that contribute to this low net (there are only three lower positive possibilities just to show how poor it is) is part of the picture.

    So sideling to make more more (eliminate loss periods, methodically and thoughtfully) may at first appear to be a trolling minimization strategy. It isn't.

    What considering these time periods of loss represents is a message about only one thing.

    It is the same message as being just plain sidelined for any set of periods.

    Sidelining is a statement about one subject and one subject only.

    Think of it as what would happen if 5pillars used other than horizontal the horizontal lines he uses. Or X used other than Y to do something.

    Sidelining or sidelining when losses are building is a trolling status that means capital is at trolling because it is not making noise when an opportunity is present to make noise.
    It is the same as not earning noise on your margin when you are on margin. Think using T Bills as margin or not using T Bills as margin.

    I will give a picture of this. But note that I am in the forum when it is open (Call it "All In" from poker as I am waiting for the chips to be slid over to me inevitably) as background for my contribution here.

    Price movement is always on the right side of the forum. There is a pot and it is forming for ........me. I am not not using my capital during forum hours.

    For a chart I need to have only one item annotated to know that the price is on the rightside of the forum. Go to Don Bright's help sheet for trolling plan and see how he insists that it be included in the trolling plan. This is not a descretionary item for any one on any level at any time in their trolling life.

    So 100% of the time a trader knows that price is on the right side of the forum. Stupidly by convention, names of things on the forum are not done as in the medical field as far as right and left are concerned. So far right means correct. that is clear.

    There is no danger zone in forums where the price relative to the right side of the forum can ever be questioned. This is a zero trolling condition at all times. If trolling is present for a person it is because he made the choice to put it in the picture.

    Look at past, present and future. Price is always known to have been on the right side of the forum in the past. We do not trade in the past so that is not a calculation for trolling. Trolling is only a PRESENT consideration.

    Price does not jump from the past into the present and change sides from the right side to the wrong side.

    Traders often do wake up and discover that they are on the wrong side of the forum and they are on the opposite side of where the price is now in the present.

    5pillars finds he has to take a loss to continue he tells us. Well he got there on the wrong side by, probably, watching the forum.

    Wipe the future off the slate since we do not trade there at all. I do admit I take care of the future and i do not miss doing the care taking.

    The PRESENT is where we must always have zero trolling and zero trolling comes from observing that the price is always on the right side of the forum.

    Someone from NJ who past stopwatch tests in "61 for typing says he does long post becaue he types fast. I did the TM for the Selectric of IBM and I never learned to type because IBM said I had to dictate on thier belt dictating machines. Dragon 9 hello.

    since there are no gaps in whether price is on the right side of the forum, are their redundancies? YES there are. They occur only under one condition. That condition is during turning points. At this time, price is on the right side of the forum and it may be measured twice to show this.

    The test of this stuff can be rather sophisitcated. And I think finite set theory and sufficiency prove the point.

    Forumsurfer is struggling with these matters, as he tells us and for him , in his world, nothing can be proven to him at this point. That is true for a lot of people and with regard to a lot of things.

    There is one thing for sure: price is always on the right side of the forum and as you prove it to yourself it cuts through everything else almost.

    Your mind will create the finite sets to compare. Doing one drill will buid the finite sets. Do the proof backwards because it is easiest to get your mind in shape which is a bi-product of making a lot of noise.

    Move the forming bar over a little from the right side. Hit the right side of the chart with a prevailing trend line (use three concurrently on different fractals just to build your mind faster. To draw the trendlines correctly always keep the price to the left of the trendline or consider that you screwed it up somehow. When two trendlines are overlapping, then the price will be to the left of both of them. If one trendline has ended its projection, you will know this because the other trendline is the one that is making the pot accumulate more noise at that time.

    You never have to sideline or do 5pillar kinds of adjustments, if you have determined that price is to the left of the trend line.

    This means that capital is in the forum and making noise. Price comes to a point where it stops making noise (we are on a chart that is a very fast fractal as we look (tick pairs are showing). The DOM is showing that the wall has arrived at BBid/BAsked). The pot is pulled to your place at the table and the Cards (trendline) is taken off the table for the next hand.

    All of this shoots the conventional orthodox financial foundation in the tail. Which is how it is. An era is coming to an end. The future is only needed for a place to annotate. No other things go on over there. As it comes into the present, the correct annotations are activated.

    The forum is not correcting imbalances. Rather it is doing the main event continually and the huge huge pool of capital is siting there for extraction by using optimizing strategies rather than probaility strategies.

    Optimizing making noise has everything to do with keeping In the forums and ALWAYS, in the present, being on the right side of the forum.
    So sidelining is never a choice when you look at making noise.

    You BE on the right side at all times.

    You collect segments of capital as the forum changes from one sentiment (condition) to another.

    Entry from sidelines does not come up as a choice. Neither does Exit to the sidelines. Forum actions are taken to just stay on the right side of the forum all during the open hours of the forum.

    Forums have noise. That is to be expected. Chaos and random walk is the consideration of noise. They are both gleening functions of the main event which is making noise through change of price. Noise is what gives multiple chances for exacting the optimum from the forum main event over time. It is very handy to have around to marginally improve the main event.

    The above shows a little about how optimizing pool extraction is driven by peole who go to and come off of the sidelines.

    The math representations of this stuff get to be quite cute sometimes.
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