Taking a profit

Discussion in 'Options' started by Arnie Guitar, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. I am ahead in my two positions in MO.
    One is an ITM write, Dec 70's, Stock is at 73.
    The other is the Dec75's.
    I am using margin, and am in pretty deep margin wise.
    I am tempted to close out my positions instead of waiting
    to options expiration.
    I am ahead in the stock, and the options.

    I am reminded of the old saw,
    Bulls and Bears can make money, Hogs can't. Don't be greedy.
    and the other old saw,
    You can never lose money taking a profit.

  2. hajimow


    Is it a Rap song? :)
  3. Hey, you've given me an idea! :)

    I'd probably make more money at that than in the market. :D
  4. hajimow


    Lose control
    sell what you hold
    short that trash
    before it crash
  5. hajimow


    9:30 in the morning, you are tired and yawning
    you feel something is happening, market is crashing
    your eyes are glued to the monitor, hesitant what to do.
    you feel like selling, you feel like cashing
    you can't lose anymore. You read the financial report
    They don't have any profit, its all market manipulation,analysts exageration.
    You feel like you are crying or maybe you are dying.
    Once you bought that shit, you thought it is gonne flying, but hell no one is buying.
    Click on that shit and sell it, don't hold it anymore
    click on that shit and sell it, don't hold it anymore