Taking a loss can set you free?

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  1. One thing I've noticed in my not-so-short but not-so-long trading time is the amount of angst holding a losing position can bring you. It aggrivates the hell out of me, especially when I feel I'm fundamentally right, but the irrationality of the market decides otherwise. Sometimes I've gone on for weeks while the market ranges, but I'm in the negative on a particular position.

    I've found that when I just take the loss, however, though I'm mad at having to do so, all that angst, frustration and stress is gone. Poof. It's a lovely feeling, but wierd considering the loss that I had to take.

    I can't be alone on this, am I?
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    you are not alone
  3. So what actually causes the feeling of relief? Is it as simple as thinking the worst is now behind you and there's no reason to worry about it anymore? Because I still feel that feeling of anger when I look at the realized P+L hit.
  4. Get a grip Ivan,

    You are never fundamentally right or wrong about the market and the market is never rational or irrational.

    If you have a love affair with labels give Armani a call. He may have an opening for you.

  5. I'm well anchored, F9. Thank you for the job search advice, however.

    It is, however, possible that the market is irrational in terms of fundamentals. But does it matter? Hell no. The market is always right in the end. And that's all that matters.
  6. Exactamente mi amigo,

    All we can ever aspire to be , is to on the same side of the market as often as possible.

    How we do it is less important than many think and yet this methodology has been blown in a huge spawning industry, ring fencing the retail aspirants.

    Anyway, thrilled to hear that you are well anchored.
    May the power of the Profit be with you.

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    Probaably the fact you realize it's a loss and it's hanging over your head....that bad decision or analysis is still there in your face on your screen every minute of the day.

    Take the loss and move on, you aren't constantly reminded of it -- of course the idea is to take the loss, learn from it, and try not to let it happen again. :)

    I'm there as well from time to time, so I sympathize.
  8. The feeling of relief comes from getting back in the moment,
    with all the inspiration and disgust associated with NEXT!!

    This is who I am, this is what I do. NEXT!

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    not alone....
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    Very nice post Captain Obvious. :)
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