Taking 76K to 500K by Year End

Discussion in 'Journals' started by neke, Feb 25, 2007.

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  1. neke


    I have set this as my target for the remainder of 2007. I started the year with 91K, lost 30K in January. So far in February I am up 20K. Took out 5K in Early February. But inside me I know it is possible to take 76K to 500K from now (end of February) to the end of December. All I need is to be disciplined and not throw money away frivolously.

    I shall maintain a journal here of my performance, with daily or weekly updates. I shall give report of particularly memorable trades.

    So here is my performance this year in summary:

    Opening Balance 91000
    Performance in Jan (30000)
    Performance in Feb 20000
    Withdrawal in Feb (5000)
    Current Balance 76000
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  2. Best of luck to you, and I assume the 76k is peanuts to you based on the amount of risk you're taking. I look forward to following your journal!
  3. Drew07


    What products do you trade?
  4. It is possible, but given your numbers, I'm not sure you have the edge to do it, do you have an edge?

    Or are you saying this is your intention, and that although you don't have the edge right now, the edge will be shown to you, you only need to receive it?
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  5. Quah


    Yes, throwing money away non-frivolously should be the ticket...
  6. Pathus


    Eh I give 6 months until liquidation.

  7. No need for that stinkin thinkin here....this board is really like a bunch of crabs in a bucket.....trying to suck everyone down into the bottom of the bucket with them.

    The guy has a goal...he's able to put some good numbers on the board, if he can manage those losers, he can get it done.
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  8. neke



    I believe I have the edge. I know looking at the figure for January, it would look bad, but I know the bad things occur when I disobey my rules. So hopefully I will disobey less.

    Last year (2006) I started the year 135K, made 126K, but withdrew about 170K mainly to fund a capital project, leaving the 91K I mentionned earlier. The prior year (2005) was the blockbuster year that saw an opening balance of 15k balloon to 135K, with a net withdrawal of about nil (I deposited money earlier in the year and took some out later in the year.) That looks astronomical but is a testament to the edge in the methods. Yes I use lots of leverage (suffer hard sometimes as a result). I could start disclosing some of the strategies if I think it would not attract competition.
  9. neke


    lol! I have been around for 7 years!! Lost money until October 2004 when I bottomed. Since then the curve has been upward, with occasional hiccups
  10. Drew07


    How did you fund your trading career in the beginning neke? just curoius.
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