Taking 5,000 to 100,000

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    Is it possible?

    Has this been done in a retail platform?

    Best instruments? options or futures?

    Mode of posting: Realtime? EOD blotter capture?

    Timeframe? intraday or multi day swings?

    Possible benefits? Exercise in disciplined trading, journal for posterity,.......?

    I'm pondering to start posting on this board to test if it is possible without blowing up once. Open to suggestions.
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  3. It has been done, only by people who have extensive experience, and have a strategy that is consistently profitable, with excellent risk/ratio mgmt skils.
  4. Either pennystocks, options, or for ex. IMO its not hard with pennystocks.
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    Cattle futures. :D
  6. I definitely vote for penny and sub-penny stocks as the best likelyhood - however, it is probably also the easiest way to turn an account from $5K to $0 as well.

    I was looking at and close to buying this stock a couple of weeks ago:

    That's about a 10 fold from the lows to highs in a few weeks.

    I did get in on this one before the late March move up:

    There are 100s of examples in penny and sub-penny stocks of 10, 20, 50, 100 folds. Of course, it is very hard to find the right stock and time the purchase right.

    Another issue is liquidity - if you own millions of shares and then it jumps 20 fold and you start to sell, you can really pound the price down with your selling.

  7. you cud have dunit last week by porking slv puts and rolling over winners.

    easy mony made
  8. The key is to never sell. I never sell my pennies. I just make neat piles.

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    Possible markets:

    Cattle futs? Not a Clinton. So no. Also needs volume and acess to retail trading.

    Penny stocks? A possibility if connected to the penny touts. But how to quantify risk?

    Metal options? Volatility is too high. Account size is too small, one bad trade wipes it out.

    My current inclination is start with small directional bets on a emini futures market. possibly either the NQ or ES.

    Not sure about posting trades realtime, too much of a time commitment. Possibly EOD daily blotter or preferably EOW. Pros and cons. With Realtime journal not sidetracked with calls of fake. With EOD or EOW how to provide verification of authencity?
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