taking 4 million to 1 million by year end

Discussion in 'Journals' started by bestfriend, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. Hmmm. Starting with 100k loss on CIT bonds.
  2. ammo


    buy 1000 spy apr 131 calls on monday open and sell em out 1 and a half higher
  3. neke


    I thought I had the copyright on this "Taking x to y By date-z" titles

    Hope though you fail in this pursuit. Why not go for the upside?
  4. asap


    i am not so sure you'll be able to lose as much during the year, that is, 75% loss is very difficult unless of course you are day trader. :eek:

    but i am inclined to say a 50% loss per annum is very doable provided you follow the rules and suggestions of most of the senior members here on ET. :D
  5. Good luck man, I'm rooting against you.

    I have a secret system that would allow you to achieve your goal with almost no effort. But it's so valuable I'm going to have to keep it to myself.
  6. Buy a yacht and put a crew on it in a foreign port.
    You will be lucky to salvage a million at the years end.

  7. This is like saying the best way to go from $5K to $25K in one year is to get a job. It may be true but it's not in the spirit of things.
  8. this is the most realistic guy on ET
  9. Secret:

    Words have leaked from CNBC that the 5 million dollar contest has a prize on the low end.

    On the high end, you have 1 million dollar prizes if 5 million dollar portfolio increases the most.

    On the low end, you have 100,000 dollar prices if you lose the most on your 5 million dollar accounts.

    I am trying to win the low end prizes. I have already won the weekly prize on the low end (never publicized, only winner knows): a book titled Trading in the Basement, written by a former day trader and ET resident poster named Tradernik