Taking 320K to 3.5million by Year End 2009

Discussion in 'Journals' started by neke, Jan 11, 2009.

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  1. neke


    Another year another target. Last year, I set out to Take 103K to 1.2million by Year End 2008. Did not quite pan out, but was able to return 447% at the end of the 50 weeks. Of more interest was the second half (week 26-50), where I started with 144K, and made 412K (286%) before withdrawals. That is a compounded weekly rate of 5.5%. Again, I could not pull off a similar performance in the first half. The target this year assumes a 5% compounded rate for the next 50 weeks.

    Hopefully, this year there will be greater commitment to execution discipline. I shall once again go with the expectation of a 40% maximum drawdown. Amount of risk taken will be proportional to the size of buffer (above opening 320K) I have in my account and recent performance, subject to not exceeding the optimal fraction (Last year, the optimal fraction was 61% for options and 156% for stocks - did not use anything close to that in real trading).

    It is possible I split the account or close it out altogether sometime in the year, which could mean ending the journal, since there would be no continuity on the target. Meanwhile, feel free to join along the ride.

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  2. sc85


    Good luck Neke!
  3. Best wishes NEKE, you actually inspired me to push on last year, after a single trade shafted me for a decent sum.......:)
  4. neke


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  5. asap


    wish you all the best for your 10-bagger endeavor.
  6. neke, imho, you are the only one here among all the charlatans, who talks the talk and walks the walk.

    Best wishes in 2009.
  7. awesome. I love seeing someone succeed in an unconventional way. sadly my trading strategies have to revolve around more conservative money management. gl and good trading!!
  8. glad to see this 09 version!!! good luck neke . you're living the dream man.
  9. jnuts


    First post here, subscribing to the thread. Learned a lot by reading the last two years' adventures you've posted.
  10. mynd66


    so what goodies did you buy yourself with the profits?
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