taking 3,1 k to 200k in 1 year

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    party launch today.
  2. 31k? or 3,100?
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  4. by Friday you should lose them all.
  5. I would like to know how? It does not seem, very likely.
    Where are you trading?
  6. I bet the party is going to cost 3k.
  7. lotto tickets?
  8. lol Good luck is all I can say.

    I actually know a guy who took about 1K to 800K in one year but that was in the year 2000. And I think he did about 13.000 trades that year or something like that.

    So it is possible - just pretty unlikely.

    But good luck - it sounds like gambling in my ears.
  9. Supposedly theres a story in millionare traders about some guy who took several thousand (<5 k i believe) and turned it into 1mil+.

    I think his criteria for going live however was that he must at least triple his sim account using the particular strategy.
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    going to trade options and futs.

    futs: ym, es, er, grains, zb, zn, ge
    later stage also currency futs

    backup for the no way boys is lotto from Nov.
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