Taking 15K to 1 million in 1 year

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  1. Well I've finally decided. I finally decided to create an account here and start live trading.

    I have a strategy that uses support and resistance, price action, RSI, ADX, MACD, 3,5,20,50,100,200 moving average, daily, weekly, monthly floor pivots, market profile VAH, VAL and POC and last but not least, volume.

    The money will be on a SIM account and when I've made 1 million on the SIM I'll start live trading. So far I've only got 500$, because I'm still in college, but after 1 year I will be able to save up $3000 to start off live trading.

    Wish me luck! :) I will be posting my SIM trading statements here in this journal.

    Before you ask me how I've made a system, I've been mental trading since March 2008, at least half a year. I can't say I don't have alot of experience in the markets :)
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    Good luck,
    unless you are germantrader wasting everyone's time...
  3. Nope, I'm college_trad3r :D
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  5. I would love to heard more about your strategy! Is it the MA cross RSI cross MACD one?
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    is your name Jim aka germantrader ?

    if not you should get in touch with him he is a legend on elite trader

    He is about to take $2,500 to $1M in 180 days.
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    oh no!, not again...:p
  8. I ran a few tests a few years back regarding how long it can take to take a $10K account to a $1M. Last time I checked, I have a 40% chance that I will can. If it's not my money and I don't have any professional obligation to do what's right, I can help you out...

    Actually... I can help you get enough leverage so that you can trade with a 50/50 chance of a million either way (means you'll end up in debt. (I didn't mention about how long the trade will be.)

    Seriously... no joke.

    oh... if you lose... You can just declare bankruptcy and get banned from the finance industry... That's all...

    No biggie for a young guy.
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    Well, after all this nonsense wishy washy talk, let's finally know what your are trading and what your signal points are and all the rest of your strategy.

    Perhaps some of the wiser guys can then tell you how to make 2 mio. instead of one.

    Best, Felix
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