Taking 10K to 2.2M by year's end.

Discussion in 'Journals' started by greatfire, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. I began this quest on January 1st 2008, and now I figure I'd put together a journal to document my progress as I reach for this goal.

    As of March 27, 2008 I'm up to 22.5K in my account.

    I'm ready to do it!
  2. Up to $24711.30!
  3. ron2368


    How are you doing it CD's, stocks or options????
  4. Just stocks. And I haven't shorted any yet.
  5. What was interesting about Neke's Journal was he documented his trades. It added a certain amount of validity to his post. Maybe you should do the same. Good luck :)
  6. I will eventually. I'll probably start doing the weekly thing when I get comfortable with my trades (for some reason I don't like telling people which stocks I'm trading).
  7. good job man
  8. Congratulations on reaching your 1 million mark in the middle of the year! (it's end of May, right?).
    You are now officially a millionaire without the interference of IRS.