Taking $1 to $10M+ in one day...

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  1. Mvic


    just need to buy a powerball ticket with the right lottery numbers the day of the draw.
  2. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    What happens if your bank issues a margin call on that one dollar as you're on your way to purchase the ticket?
  3. Mvic


    Margin!!! Never touch the stuff, I am a very conservative trader :D
  4. pma


    That was funny! I think ET could use a little more humor like this-good for the soul.
  5. Can you give us more details regarding you strat... which indicators do you use to predict the numbers?
  6. I have found that one of the better indicators for identifying the winning numbers is the list provided by local newspapers the following day of the draw. Of course, there is that pesky lag that I haven't yet been able to factor out. But I'm getting really close...I almost feel an epiphany coming on.
  7. Gambling eh?

    Florida now has three options:

    $1 ticket = the pot
    $2 ticket = the pot plus another 10 million to the pot
    $3 ticket = the pot plus another 25 million to the pot

    Imagine.... :cool:
  8. Do u use oscillators to determine overbought conditons ?
  9. Mvic


    Wow the risk reward of the trade just gets better and better!!!!!!!!!

    Indicators, we don't need no stinkin' indicators! Its all about the ball action. Personally I like the Hershey astrological formula that
    states that, and forgive me for paraphrasing here but Hershey's stuff can get very complex, when the planet Jupiter is aligned with Mars, 5's and 1s will put you in the stars. Spydertrader has further refined this by adding that when the moon is full 7s and 9s aint no bull. Its sure fire I tell you!

    Anyone know of any good prop shops in FL that can help me facilitate such a trade? I would like to trade remote if possible but am willing to get my Series 7 if necessary (anyone know if a GED is a prequistite, if so I may have to wait to implement this phase of my career plan). Don Bright could you weigh in on this please?

    My confidence level is such that I have to seriously consider the tax implications. Anyone know where I should move to? My bags are packed, travelocity is loaded in my web browser, and I await your sage advice ET.

    Anyone maybe want to share a mud hut with me in the Congo (very important note: must be willing to share T3 costs, oh, and bottled water costs too), I've read that the tax laws there are very trader friendly as are the scantily clad natives (those of you who have read past issues of National Geographic will know what I mean, nudge nudge, wink, wink say no more)? Apparently the night life is also something special! Ever hear of Jungle music!

    Lastly, and you all know where this has been leading, I plan to set up a fund with my massively profitable trading strategy. I will be offshore so no pesky SEC rules will apply, 5 and 50 sound good anyone?

    My fall back plan is to write a book about the whole experience, become an ET sponser and a generally ubiquitous pain in the ass, and flog it using marketing techniques that I have picked up after years of watching the show Jackass on MTV.

    Ahhh, life is good, and the future so bright I gotsta wear shades!!!!!!!!:cool:

    Edited: To add some more exclamaition points and the word "discipline" !!!!!
  10. Rocko1


    Wow this is so much better than my plan of simply betting on black at the roulette table!
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