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  1. Anyone know of a good place to find info about possible takeovers or how to identify these stocks?
  2. The Takeover Stock Report (TSR) is brought to you in live time throughout each trading day by Stewart Henry, LLC. Since 1996, TSR's attorney-editors have provided a unique blend of pertinent facts, industry research, legal analysis, and regulatory insight into the arena of publicly-traded companies involved in mergers and acquisitions. TSR's easy-to-use format, robust database of transactions (current and past), and readily accessible deal documents make it an efficient and comprehensive online information source.


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    Only $10,000 a year? no thanks...lol
  4. Yeah, I know...we have "groups" who pony up, they make a lot of money, so it's worth it for them...a bit tough on an individual trader.

  5. Wish they would provide some more info about the service. I am a lazy service researcher and if they don't try and at least offer enough info to tickle my interest I usually don't follow up but a service like this looks interesting.

    It only takes one correct call a year to cover the subscription. You've had good experiences with this service Don?

    Thanks in advance.
  6. Don, how many plays do they usually have in a typical month?

  7. Well worth it if they actually get a few calls right (as long as they're not making calls on dozens of different stocks, a few winners should far outweigh the losers).
  8. Yeah, $10k for a subscription and $40k in long term OTM calls on some of their picks could turn into a big gain if they hit. Who knows, I'll look into it, might be a fun game to play! :D
  9. I can't "endorse" the service, of course, but I can say that I have people who have made a lot of money using this along with a lot of homework.

  10. Thanks for that. However, I do not believe it necessary to pay for information that should be on public record.

    Anyone else have ideas?
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