Take this IQ test , see how dumb you really are

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  1. I thought I was gonna score about 75 after taking this test , qualifying me to be a master prop trader, but surprisingly my score came in at a too smart for that 122. Just missed qualifying for membership in the High IQ Club. lol.

    Take this test and post your results. No lying about it either.


  2. The eCMA one?

    Im amazed-i dont know how these results could be credible, do they give you points for trying or something?

    Given, i GUESSED all the pattern stuff, and didnt know most of the other bits, how did i get 102?
    That was fun!
    But my brain hurts:(
  3. 132. Surprised, cuz I thought I flunked all the pattern memorizations.
  4. Memorisations? Whaa...?
    It might be helpfull, if some knowledgable type, explained how those pattern things work.
  5. Lucrum


    Scored 116 although I'm surprised it wasn't lower.

    I've taken a number of similar tests on the net before and scored from high 90's to mid 130's. That wide of a range makes me think that in general they must not be very accurate.
  6. I took the TA3 one. Scored a 101

    Like you guys said. I have taken alot of these tests and scored from the 90`s to stratosphere levels like 130. BS
  7. Well, I don't imagine that any IQ test could possibly be consistent from test to test.

    The nature of the questions change.

    You change.

    Every day your sharpness level is different.

    I do know I always score a decent amount above average, never poorly.

    This particular test is quite difficult. I did think I'd score in the idiot range.
  8. Congrats. at 102, you qualify to be a rebate trader in a prop house with 20 million buying power.

    Bright is hiring.

    No overnights.
  9. Is there a time limit to this test and, if so, did you adhere to it?
  10. The site has a timer next to each question and automatically skips forward if you go past the limit. Also if you try and hit backspace it resets to the begining.
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