Take The Year Off....Market stuck in neutral

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  1. After two years of the Obama admin the market will start to move up.

    Look at past admin shifts in relation to the stock market. I just don’t see a catalyst this year.
  2. If you're correct, good results can still be had by fading the tops and bottoms of ranges.
  3. Yeah.. options could also be a good tool in the current environment.
  4. Good luck!
  5. Thanks. I [like all of us] could use it.

    One can say, there are two kinds of markets. Trending and chop.

    Chop can be even more profitable than trending because more "ground" is covered with back and forth swings than is seen in a trending market, but one must (1) play for chop.. and trade well, (2) be correct about it being chop.

    This could be such a year...
  6. Range daytrading is the BEST, many more up and down moves to catch. The days may end flat but inside that day may be 5 or so nice legs up and down.

  7. Rex84


    that would be best case senaro for me, just trade the range
  8. It has been my observation over the years that traders tend to prefer and perform better in their "choice" of markets... trend or chop.

    It's unusual to find traders who trade both "well"... (depending upon one's definition of "well", of course)
  9. Can you show me a chart of a range your trading with success?

  10. Can you show me a chart of what your having the best results with?
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