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  1. I just took this entire test, it's long, sort of...


    I really agree with Obama on nearly nothing but what shocked me is how little Obama agrees with Americans!! The site provides the statistics after you take the test. How did he get to be the Democrat's front runner? This is really nuts IMO, this is the fiasco of the third millenium so far, Obama riding shotgun in the Democrat limo and Hillary in the back seat, with Bill no less...... I'm not sure how much Hillary would line up with the rest of America but it would almost have to be moreso than Obama... I'm thinking that Hillary must be feeling like Mary Decker after her last olympic race......

    The democratic leadership is farther left than the average Democrat, but to have a candidate that agrees with the party leadership but not the voters is not smart. For elite people that supposedly can lead us and know more than we do about how to run our lives they suck at getting somebody elected so far.....
  2. I disagreed with him on 39 of the 47 questions.

  3. In Jauarary Hillary was 20 points ahead of the best Republican nominee. She assured of becoming the 1st woman prez.

    Now she is out, watching Palin grab history as a woman VP.
    Truly amazing.

    In a way you should feel sorry for her, but also it is good to see her and Bill get a little of what they deserve.
  4. I have a huge problem with whether the country should have "moral" or secular values....since when do you have to have or belong to a religion to have moral values? I quit the test at that point. People assume if you are not "christian" you have no morality....complete ignorance....which is what this author/tv personality is...ignorant:mad:
  5. You have a point. The problem is how to define secular values.

    Secular logic: If people can get married with no intention of having children then why not Gays, at least for the legal benefits.
    If so then why can't related people marry for the legal benefits.

    Religous morals work because the penalty is sin or not going to heaven. What is the incentive for Secular morals.
  6. In case anyone wonders about the merit of this test, here are two question that you can judge for yourself (it took me 2 minutes before I realized what a pointless exercise taking the test was):

    6. In general, what should be more important to Americans in their daily life: Moral values or material concerns?

    Moral values

    Material concerns

    7. Should America's laws be written following Judeo-Christian values or should America be an entirely secular society, devoid of any decisions based upon Judeo-Christian moral values?

    Judeo-Christian Values

    Secular Society

    Riiight. I'm sure Obama passed legislation calling for 'material concerns' to specifically trump 'moral concerns,' and OH MY G-D!!!, you mean to tell me that Obama believes in the separation of Church and State as our founding fathers did?

    Say it ain't so!!!

    The rest of the test is basically a diatribe railing against abortion.

    Guess what? There are people who actually want to see ZERO abortions, but think there's a compelling reason to keep the GOVERNMENT from intruding upon the private sphere of individuals' lives.

    Useless test.
  7. You must be very slow. Anyone could see the basis behind the poll just from the pictures
  8. You must think the earth is a few thousand years old.
  9. Lucrum


    I disagreed with the Obamanation on 43 of 47 questions.