take the libertarian purity test

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  1. Excellent test.
  2. dookie


    i got a 33
  3. I scored a 77.
  4. I am proud to say...that after so many years of philosophizing I have finally achieved the elusive middle way: I have scored 80 on the nose.

    Ahh yes, time to sit under my Bo tree and meditate.
  5. Despite what my name may imply, I only scored a 52.
    I'm an objectivist, not a freaking anarchist.

    Did you know that Ayn Rand had always refused to endorse the Libertarian party? She called them the 'hippies of the right'.

    Take some of these questions for example:

    Should immigration laws be abolished?

    Is government an unnecessary evil?

    Should police be privatized?

    Should the courts be privatized?

    Should the state be disarmed and its military disbanded?

    People actually think that Ayn Rand advocated such extremist insanity?! She didn't.
  6. that is a good test; it really does make you think about things. i could have put more time into it. going through it fast, i got 81.

    i think i could design the perfect government. basically, it would still be capitalism (encourages growth/advancement/competition), but with very basic needs taken care of for everyone (health/dental care), and way more libertarian values.
  7. You guys are joking right?

    Its a slanted quiz.
    look at the mode on the results its 160 why?

    Cause if you select yes to all the questions you get a 16o like i got.

  8. No surprise here: 17.

    Libertarians are fools. :)
  9. 30
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