Take That Trichet!!!!

Discussion in 'Forex' started by cstfx, Jun 9, 2008.

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    Nice one-two punch of Paulson and Fisher propping up the dollar with their jawboning.

    Short lived tho??
  2. What the fuck is that bitch Paulson talkingg about. Get your fucking PPT out of Forex and back in the stock market.

    I hope any bullshit intervention in Forex causes commodities to soar.

    Unlike stocks or cash, you can't print new oil, wheat, or gold.
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    Actually I think the stronger message was from Fisher that rates are going up sooner rather than later. Paulson, while saying intervention is on the table, kinda begrudgingly acknowledged it.
  4. That's how I pretty much read it. And it's about three months too late.

    Kin, you sound like you're short dollars and pissed.
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    Whatever the effect, it's probably short lived so I've gone long EURUSD for a quick run up to 1.57 again by tonite. Will close on a failure
  6. US is getting FED up with stupid europeans pushing oil up by pushing dollar down. This is what happened last week after this TRic(k)het guy spoke about rate increases.

    European country budgets will go in the red with lower oil prices. Much of European expansion is financed with tax receipts from gas and heating oil sales. Taxes are up to 75% in some countries. Arabs complain about that.

    Dollar is going up and commodities with bubble burst soon when US takes action to bring those europeans back to order. They are out of control. States are more important than people and consumers. This is new european fascism growing.

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    Well that didn't last long! Going back to my Aussie and Kiwi. Always get burned on the Euro.
  8. Ivan, how did you know my position?? :) luckly the bulk of it is long term positions in mostly Canadian oil stocks. I'm really just shocked Paulson would make such a statement.
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    Bunch of unelected European politicians playing "world domination" game. Regarding Euro's "success", interesingly, ordinary Europeans do not like it (and never have). Elites play their games and citizens pay the price. Not much different in the U.S. though.
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