Take Ritalin for trading to increase profits

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  1. as long as you don't overdue it
    Ritalin will focus your mind and may even enable you to learn to trade if you don't already know
    I never took ritalin but I know a guy who swears by it
    in fact he wouldn't go off it for the world now, he stockpiles it in case of future calamity
  2. I just googled some stuff

    you can buy ritalin from Panama,

    no prescription needed

    like I said I don't need it, but I've seen it help a friend of mine
  3. I spoke to my friend, he wants me to tell you guys not to take ritalin

    so there is more for him to buy

  4. What is this? Start a drug induced trading column? IF you have to smoke pot or take drugs to trade why not find a job at the local carwash and blow dry those shiny vehicles and keep your money?
  5. Link?
  6. Fuck that. That garbage will screw with your neurotransmitters and natural dopamine in the brain.
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    'That garbage will screw with your neurotransmitters and natural dopamine in the brain.'

    True, Ritalin also has suicidal tendencies and one starts to lose memory faster. Adderral is supposed to be better than Ritalin but same memory related side effects.

    Want higher energy and focus, then do some meditation and herbal supplements like Gingko Biloba for mental strenght.
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    old wives tales without foundation in peer-reviewed literature
  9. Buy a jar of BSN NO-Explode. Take recommended servings, work out/run/swim laps/whatever...best stress reliever in the world without dopamine dumping drugs. Don't like exercise? That is what the NO-Explode is for, you will be crawling out of your skin so bad you will be going crazy wanting to burn your energy. BTW, methamphetamine is the most effective drug to enhance concentration and overall mental focus...but the effects????


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