Take no prisoners

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    Kind of a cheerleading article but I think a little more is appropriate.

    On Amnesty:

    "Let's make a couple things really, really clear. We are not going to do the amnesty thing. No. Nope. Nuh-uh. The voters were pretty unequivocal that as much as the Chamber of Commerce wants zillions of people shipped in to work for peanuts at the gigantic box stores that fund the Chamber of Commerce, an important part of the electorate does not. That part of the electorate is known as “normal Americans.”"

    On Democrats:

    "When you party’s entire platform becomes a punchline, you’ve got a problem. The Democrats bet it all on grievances, and now grievances are just a joke. They got nothing."

    On Hillary:

    "Hell, what's Hillary going to run on the 2016? Her formidable list of achievements? Let’s list them:

    One: She’s accomplished being female.

    Two: Something about Burma, or whatever its name is this week.

    Three: She raised awareness of, uh, awareness.

    And no, covering up for a serial sexual predator husband does not count as an achievement. Hillary Clinton is as fit for the presidency as Lena Dunham is for running a preschool."