Take it, vegetarians!

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    20% higher chance of getting a stroke, probably because of less B12....

    Now if you say, but I take B12 supplements, I say good for you. I just wonder how vegans knew let's say 500 years ago that they needed supplementation?
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    There was some commentary just today on NFL Fantasy Live about Cam Newton's new vegan diet, and wondering if that is contributing to his poor performance recently. "He's gotten too thin", or something to that effect.

    Folks, rich red-meat diets are what allowed our brains to evolve to the point that we can have computers, and have the intellect to communicate like this, and about this.
  3. It may be he switched diets to drastically and too close to training and it effected him but in reality he has been having slipping performance over the past 3 years and would not put the blame on a diet haha.
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    "And the vegetarians ate more cheese--29% more than the meat-eaters. "

    Now whose fault is it? Maybe veganism makes you crave cheese...

    I generally don't believe in these kind of studies anyway, but I thought it was funny, that is why I posted it.
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  6. Vegetarian.......blech...