Take it from the Chimp....

Discussion in 'Trading' started by DeltaSpread, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. Well I have not been around much and as my friends on here know, overall I am still having an absolute terrible trading year with respect to "financial speculation," being unable to recover from some serious mistakes made back in Jan/Feb in the derivatives markets. But with this near 1000 point drop in the DOW from the recent 14121 high, I think an abundance of opportunities will be presenting themselves in August.

    I just had to check in and also wanted to share a little perspective after coming across this classic gem and historical proven stock market picking genius. As long as you have your health and a little money, you can always live to fight another trading day. Good trading to everyone.

    This clip was legendary coming out right after the market crash in 2000, where the highlight was the DOW losing some 500+ points in one afternoon of trading and of course the dot bomb blow out.

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  2. This drop itself was a huge opportunity.:)
  3. Absolutely. The funny thing is, earlier in the year I was relentless at taking short positions, but after being painfully wrong several times at some point you just change your strategy all together. It is all timing or lack there of I guess.

    I watched the first 300-400 point retracement back to the 13700 range which took like a week, but at that point it was either going to be a floor or ceiling and would be pure speculation with a stop. I completely missed that 400 point drop this past mid-week because I was out of town and really never thought it would be coming like that so quick and sudden. And just yesterday when the DOW opened deep in the red in the AM and down nearly triple digits already, I just decided to say forget it all together.