Take down confederate flag, and change street names in public places?

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  1. nitro


    What if Germany still proudly raised and saluted the Nazi swastika and flag in government buildings? What if streets were named after SS operatives and Adolf Hitler?
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  2. Why don't you and nine ender get together and come up with some censorship laws? We'd really hate to offend either of you. We understand that all that crap about tolerance and diversity only really applies to things you agree with anyway.

    Or you could stop trying to impose your views on everyone else. You might appreciate that the Confederate flag is an important cultural symbol to many Southerners.
  3. nitro


    "(CNN)Even in the wake of overwhelming sadness, even amid charges of horrific crimes, there it was: the Confederate flag flying high above the grounds of the South Carolina Capitol.

    Outrageous. Unthinkable. Cruel. Those were the kinds of words being thrown around by people still hurting deeply from what authorities say was a racially motivated slaughter inside Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

    "This was an act of racial terrorism," the president of the NAACP, Cornell Brooks, shouted in Charleston. "That symbol has to come down!"

    The fury might have arisen anyway, but it has been whipped to a fever pitch by the fact that while U.S. flags have been lowered, the Confederate battle flag remains high -- even padlocked into place.


    It is a matter of state law.

    Back in 2000, civil rights activists successfully lobbied to have a much larger Confederate flag removed from the Capitol dome. But there was a compromise. The South Carolina Heritage Act decreed that just about all other tributes to Confederate history would be virtually untouchable. The only way to change anything of that nature -- including the smaller flag that was erected on the State House lawn -- would be to gain the endorsement of two-thirds of lawmakers..."

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    Am sure that NAACP could get enough signatures to take to State Capitol to ask for state vote to change the state laws.
  5. nitro


    I suspect that in the future there will be a confederate cult in Pakistan also. They will fly the confederate flag, name their streets after confederate generals, etc.


    Funny that Germans want nothing to do with the guy even though it is a part of their history. It is also surprising to me that anyone wants to be associated with slave owners that treated human beings worse than animals, and fought to their death to impose that view on an entire COUNTRY.
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  6. Max E.

    Max E.

    Comparing the confederate flag to the german swastika is quite a stretch, dont you think? I mean there were lots of things southerners were fighting for at the time, other than slavery, that are somewhat noble goals.

    Nazi germany was committing genocide, and attempting to take over control of the entire world, seems like a pretty far stretch to say the two are comparable.

    By your standard of comparing the confederate flag to the german swastika, couldnt the brits compare the U.S. flag to the swastika as well?

  7. nitro


    Read your history. In fact, that the Germans should have gone to war after WWI was an absolute guarantee. What the allies did to Germany after WWI is now well understood,


    in fact, when we won in WWII, we made sure not to make the same mistakes again:


    What the Germans did wrong is they murdered innocent people out of pure hatred in their war, committing atrocious crimes in the process. So yeah, there are alot of parallels. Is is a perfect analogy? No by definition.

    Lincoln even tried to negotiate with the confederates giving in on slavery [bad choice], and they refused, so what you are saying is correct.

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  8. Max E.

    Max E.

    I know my history, particularly german history, since thats where my ancestry is from. The response by Germany over the treaty of versailles might have been justifiable, if not for the fact that they also tried to take over poland, russia, and every other country who was on their border.

    Lets be honest, the treaty of versailles was an excuse for the tyrant hitler, who had ambitions of taking over the entire world. German citizens were all too willing to accept it because of the weak economy and hitler was quite good at creating a scape goat.

    It would be pretty hard to compare the american civil war, and what happened in the south, to nazi germany in my opinion.

  9. nitro


    There are lots of parallels imo, and I wonder why the US even let the south have their own flag that follows different rules than the America Flag, allowing it to keep ties to a failed attempt at their own views. Why not allow a swastika in Germany along with the German flag? If is up the people that rule the country, and the confederate states are not their separate country. To me, it borders on the absurd and defies reason.

    "...the fact that while U.S. flags have been lowered, the Confederate battle flag remains high -- even padlocked into place..."

    That is a "spit in your face and fuck you stance"
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  10. Max E.

    Max E.

    Correct me if im wrong, as admittedly i dont know much about the american civil war since i grew up in canada, but from what i think i know about it, the civil war was never a war of aggression from the south, I.E. they werent trying to extend their borders like germany was, they were merely trying to hold their own.

    Thats a big difference in my opinion. Plus there was nothing about mass genocide from the south during the civil war.

    Admittedly they were trying to hold on too an antiquated ideology, but they werent trying to force it on anyone else, thats a huge difference.

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