Take A TEST DRIVE into the FUTURES with Strategy Runner

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    Take A TEST DRIVE into the FUTURES


    Just click on the platform logo and sign up
    (No cost or obligation to sign up)

    Link to sign up for a 30 day Live Market Demo: http://www.globalfutures.com/platforms/runner.html

    Dear Trader,

    I would like to take a moment of your time to tell you about Global Futures Exchange & Trading Company, Inc. and what we can offer you as a trader.

    · We offer some of the most competitive commission rates throughout the industry.

    · We offer $500 margins for E Mini S/P, NQ, Dow & Russell

    We pride ourselves on Quality Professional Service?

    Testimonial: GFETC has the most helpful brokerage web site on the planet. The service and help and execution and charges are the very best available to the small trader as well as the professional trader. GFETC sets the world class standard these days in the industry.

    Daniel D.


    Give me a call for a commission quote.

    Please allow me the opportunity to inform you about just some of the things we have to offer here at Global Futures:

    · $2000.00 minimum to open a futures account

    · $250.00 minimum to open a forex account

    · Free Live Demos on most platforms to test your methods and techniques (futures & forex)

    · Low margins on US products.

    · No Commissions; No Exchange Fees for Forex clients**

    · 24 hour order desk, no charge for call in orders*.

    · 24 hour Live Tech Support*

    When you call us at Global Futures, you will find that we have no menus to go through; you will talk to a knowledgeable person directly. We will take the time to show you how to set up your platform and place trades, it’s all apart of what we do here at Global Futures where the customer is always first and EXCELLENT SERVICE is what we provide. Come join the Global Family

    If you are trading in the futures market, we have the right platform to fit your trading style.