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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by cybercash28, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. V: hammer candle formed yesterday, moved up nicely with good volumes today.

    CENX: Formed a double top at about $12.last month. AA surprised good earning is good for CENX. CENX has more cash and better book values than AA. Double top b/o will lead CENX to $15, next resistance on weekly chart.

    X, AKS: steel stocks acted poorly lately. Maybe it's time to go after them since the copper. aluminum stocks already went up too far too fast in the last few days. Above ma-50 is what we are looking for. They are all up AH today.

    PALM: Not many days ago, it was all about buy out and then all the negative news after that. Well, low volumes on down days. Buy when they talk bad about the stock.

    YHOO: so stubborn. Is $18 the mountain that it has to push or what?. Maybe they will break this one after they broke GOOG today. All it needs now it's an upgrade with a $25 target, why not? they can say anything they want. One day they say this, another day they say that. AAPL is the only queen that they all love.

    AONE: pulled back after going over $28. I still like this one, good potential here.

    DSCO: this tiny stock pulled back from 41.69, it's bottoming.

    AVNR: this little stock is curving up today. Above $2.82 will be very bullish.

    HIG: wait for a b/o above $29.

    The pollution stocks: DGW TRIT did so well today. I traded them but will wait for pull back and buy and hold. Like the story here.