take a look at my portfolia curve.

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  1. I developed this strategy in 2007 and have used it since then. it produced three digits return in first several years, and then the performance went down since 2014. I guess that was due to the low market volatility. in the last 12 years till now, the maximum dd is below 2%, the sharpe ratio is around 7. below is the performance chart for this year.
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  2. Nice job. Madoff's returns looked very similar! LOL! Seriously, if that's what you're doing, just keep doing it! Best wishes!
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    S&P has returned 24% this year and has basically been a rocket ship up.

    If you've been running this for 12 years post the entire return curve, otherwise it just looks like you're deeply underperforming the market.
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  4. the bull market makes day trading more difficult. The strategy works better in high vol environment. In 2008, the return was 250%. Wish trump step down and let stock run its own course
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    Very nice! A few questions if you don't mind:

    1. Long only or Long/Short?
    2. Approx holding period of trades?
    3. Automated or manual?
    4. Average # of positions held at a time?
    5. Trend or Reversion?
    6. What instruments? Stocks, futures?

  6. 1) both long and short. not necessarily market nuetral
    2) a few seconds to end of the day, depends when the price hit my target to close .
    3-4) automated, a few hundred trades per day. so far about 1.5 million commission has paid to IB in the last decade.
    5) reversion
    6) stocks.

    btw, on average, I make more on short position.
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    Nice consistently. My question would be, given you are generally trading reversion on stocks, how do you avoid getting nailed by bad news & large moves?
  8. sometimes i have big loss on one stock, for example, loss 40%. but since I have hundreds of positions, each stock accounts only less than 1% of my portfolia, 40% loss is less than 0.4% hit to my account, even that is very rare.

    I do not trade stocks that have news and large moves. i filter out any stocks with potential large moves.
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    How do you go about doing this?
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    How do you backtest a beast of a strategy such as that? Tick data? Daily bars?
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