Take a long hard look at GMCR

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  1. well my previous attempt at this was deleted. Its now after RTH, so I am not trying to manipulate the market or anything. As I understand the USA legal definition, I am not in possession of misappropriated information, but I am in possession of apparently non-public information. There is no tender offer involved that I know of. The SEC couldn't care less.

    There are some really strong feelings on this stock so I am just going to say this:

    Look harder. There is more at play here than just the aftershock of a hefty earnings surprise. I will post more if the mods allow me to. Mods, if you delete this you really do not give a shit about your traders here. At the very least, no one should be trading this stock (notice I am not even saying long or short) if they aren't aware of the current rumors.
  2. And you're expecting somebody to pm you, then ask about your information?

    Mods, I'd still delete this.
  3. bc1


    Are you talking about those faulty accounting of inventories and sales? That has been previously publicized. Even on cnbc.