Taiwan's Health Care System

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  1. In a recent documentary, the Discovery Channel examined Taiwan's health care system. In an interview with the man in charge of revamping their old system, he said...

    1. We gathered info about various health care plans.. USA, Germany, England, France and others.

    2. We didn't adopt any of them, but rather tried to encompass desirable features into a workable and cost efficient plan for us.

    So, let me ask...

    1. Why can't we take a similar approach for our health care reform?

    2. Why do we have to accept the current plan which they are trying to RUSH through and cram down our throats... IN SPITE OF 60%+ OF US PROTESTING, "WE DON'T WANT THAT"?

    3. Why are we in such a hurry to "get something passed"?

    I'll tell you why...

    Our healthcare reform bill as currently in debate, is NOT mostly about "health care"... it's mostly about the government gaining control over health care so they can control the citizenry and our money.

    And they're in a big hurry because they don't want enough time for the details to leak out and garner enough opposition that they can't get it passed over our objections.

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