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  1. I am going to move to taiwan in like a month, and planning to open an account with IBHK using my taiwanese identity. my question is what is the implication of taiwan tax law. My understanding is that they charge you like some percentage (.001% of the face value) when you sell your holdings. but not sure. so long uncle sam.
  2. My Dad plays the Taiwanese market

    If I remember correctly there is no cap gains tax, there is simply a 'transaction tax.' The exact percentage I forgot but it is ridiculously low.
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  4. been there.
    yeah there is something calle transaction tax
  5. hey Polee, I may head back to taiwan soon, just wondering if you are trading for living, or just as hobby. because i may plan to trade full time as I go back.
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    I heard Taiwan govt does not charge tax on profits from the US stock market. For example, if you are not an US citizen or legal resident, and you reside in Taiwan, and trade US stocks through IB, you don't pay tax to the US nor the TW govt.

    Yes, there is a transaction charge if you want to trade stocks in the Taiwan stock market.

    Please post if you have more first hand info. Thank you.
  7. okay i will be sure to find out. going back to taiwan in T-12 days.
  8. i am trying to trade for full time, cuz corporate world is so tedious
    where do you live and all
  9. I live in Canada, thinking about finding a prop firm, if i cant' find it, i would prolly start my own when I head back to tw in few months.