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  1. If this market drop has anything to do with Taiwan, buy it, because equating Taiwan to Madrid in terms of "violence" affecting elections is completely off-the-mark. JMO
  2. Can't believe how many times I've read that yesterday's decline was due partly to "violence" and Taiwan's elections; most people there believe the assassination attempt was staged in order to draw 200,000 troops away from home provinces so they could not vote -- the majority of which favored the opposing party.
  3. I'm calling for a massive US stock market decline today (Tuesday).

    At the time of this posting the DOW is at 10,064.75; the S&P is at 1,095.40. Watch how low they go.

    On the other hand, EUR/USD will see better than 1.2470 by tomorrow (Wednesday 03-24-04) 6:00AM EST. At the time of this posting the pair is at 1.2286.

  4. the taiwan market was MAD today..absolutely crazy..you will never see that sort of volatility anywhere around the world. the futures were going nuts. huge huge ranges, there are 3% swings intraday, up down, up down.

    those who know what they are doing really clean up today...

    I was long 6 lots taiwan futures into the friday b4 the election, last 130% margin on that. Ouch!!