Taiwan owes USA 750 Billion. PAY UP NOW!

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  1. From 1900 to 1939, The Republic of China(Taiwan) when they were in power in China, issued bonds purchased worldwide and even recommended by the US government as a sound investment. These were long term bonds of the sort issued by governments around the world; the same sort of US bonds held by the People's Republic of China today and which the US is said to be in danger of defaulting on.

    Currently, the Republic of China owes a debt of over $750 billion to American citizens who are holding full faith and credit sovereign bonds sold to them by the Republic of China.

    Following the Communist takeover, the new government repudiated that debt and refused to pay it.

    Note however that the Republic of China is on Taiwan, and the Mainland is controlled by the People's Republic of China.

    Since the Republic of China(Taiwan) government issued these debts and still is in existence, Taiwan should immediately fulfill its obligations to the American people. or face retaliation.

  2. "Taiwan was ceded to the Empire of Japan by the Qing Empire in the Treaty of Shimonoseki after the First Sino-Japanese War in 1895. In 1945 Taiwan was freed from Japan as a result of World War II. "

    If you want to follow that line of logic, may be you want to get it from the Japanese?

  3. Bonds were not issued by Japanese Empire but scumbag Chiang Kai Shek's nationalist government
  4. You sound angry. May I recommend therapy?:)