Taiwan futures contract (STW) on the SGX

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    on the hot little tip of this thread im now dabbling in this contract. on IB its TWX08. it trades in USD currency which makes life easy and lots of depth on dom.


    for EASTERN kids it says time open is 8pm to 4am. when you pull it up in charts towards the end of the session near 1 to 4am it gets kinda choppy. for those who trade this whats optimal time range i should set this up for?

    & any other nuances to be aware of? thanks

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    7:45 est appears to be the opening
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    Taiwan? I've heard that is a province of China. What will happen to your $$$ when the mainland restores its rights and retakes the island?
  6. LOL.

    1. Alarmist.
    2. It trades in USD
  7. Taiwan is an independent country. It is nothing to do with China.

    Taiwan has his own president and government. Taiwan’s president was elected by Taiwan 23 millions residents.
  8. I'm in Taiwan, and have traded the SGX contract from time to time. It was the first futures contract I ever traded, and blew up on (hahaha!) so count me a bit nostalgic. Just a couple thoughts:

    Taiwan is very much geared toward electronics, so the index will move much like NQ or SOXX. Also will move re: relations/tension with China, but I don't expect any negative developments re: China so that is on the back burner.

    You will have to swing trade it, because you'll always be a day late and a dollar short re: local developments. That said, the biggest index components are big dividend payers (ChungHwa Telecom, TSMC), so at this level should be a lot of support.

    It's one of those 'back up the truck' moments for the TaiEX, but then we could say that for many other markets, assets no?

    I swing trade the options as well - would expect liquidity is still 'good enough,' if options are your thing.

    Have fun.
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    Index options or individual names ?