Tails You Lose, Heads I Win

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  1. http://www.frontlinethoughts.com/pdf/mwo050908.pdf

    ....."Assume you have 10,000 people who flip a coin once a year. After five years, you will
    have 313 people who have come up with heads five times in a row. If you put suits on them
    and sit them in glass offices, call them a mutual or a hedge fund, they will be managing a
    billion dollars. They will absolutely believe they have figured out the secret to investing that
    all the other losers haven’t discerned. Their 7 figure salaries prove it.
    The next year, 157 of them will blow up. With my power of analysis, I can predict
    which one will blow up. It will be the one in which you invest!".......
  2. maxpi


    I use a simulator that will overlay 100 equity curves. I love to input 50% wins and 1:1 win/loss size and watch it come up with a few stellar accounts and a whole lot of mediocre-to-blown-out accounts...... I run that everytime I listen to an expert :D
  3. What's interesting about this is that these managers would probably have, at this point, a very cocky over confident attitude...

    Is there a way to fade THEIR long and short picks... in a diversified way across the board...