T'ai chi ch'uan

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  1. prompted by Oldtime's 'Meditation' thread, thought I'd put this up as I'm trying to start
    to re-learn t'ai chi that I once knew 30 odd years ago

    t'ai chi - tc does for your body in part what meditation does for your mind ? individuals
    have lots of anecdotal info about the benefits of tc. it improves physical balance, via
    the chi energy you develop, you can realize and utilize the use of a lot of 'force' - if
    necessary. tc is/was a martial art but takes years to master instead of the weeks that
    it takes to become proficient in karate or taekwando

    best exercise I know, takes 15 ? minutes to do, lots of resources for clubs, instruction
    in your hometown, Youtube, library for books and cd/dvds, short forms as well as long

  2. I enjoy my Tai Chi class very much. My instructor is Chinese, has 2 sons and a very nice husband, she's 61, and laughs and smiles constantly.
    She's also in perfect health, as are all of her Martial Arts teaching
    buddies. They also almost never complain, about anything.
    Happy attitude, daily exercise, perfect health.
    I vote for that.
  3. that is too easy and simple! The REAL answers have to be complicated and require REAL experts to apply them. Ask any professional, jeez!!

    Just kidding of course. People can learn to flow Chi in a martial arts format in just a few lessons actually. Hardly any school does that however, they tend to add more and more stuff to the curriculum every generation..