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    I am in the process of developing a trading system. As a component I would like suggestions on the simplest indicator (indicator, candles stick, pattern etc), that consistently is around 50% right. Ideally I am looking for something simple that would occur frequently throught the day. Though it doesnt have to be that frequent. Thanks.
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    Coin flip
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  4. Price is the simplest indicator.
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    Assuming you're even serious to begin with, most new alias's are not.
    Forget the traditional lagging indicators that everyone else has.
  6. I think this depends on how well you can identify a trending range or a trading range. Pretty much any oscillator (stochastic, rsi, etc) works great in a trading range and same goes for trend type indicators in a trending market. The wrong indicator in the wrong market type will probably chop you up pretty good.
    In any event, no matter what an indicator tells me, I always use price action in the direction of my trade to get me in/out.
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    Your welcome. All simple indicators have the same 50% accuracy, but the coin flip is the only one I know that gives the consistency you asked for in all conditions.
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    Why would I not be serious. You think I post questions like this for fun?

    To be more clear, it is going to be one component of a larger system.

    As such I am not looking for it to be hugely profitable. I am looking for a simple indicator, trade set up, pattern, that people have found over a decently large sample is about 50% accurate, assuming a fixed money mangement of 1 to 1, same for tp and sl.
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    any successful trader out there is very conscious about this simple yet essential piece of information.
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    Expanding on your reply, which of these basic indicators do you think is the most versatile. As said they will vary under different market conditions. That said if forced to select one, which would you say is most consistent across different conditions.
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