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  1. r-in


    Anyone have any input on this? I have a freind who has recommended them to me to improve my trading, but he has also bought alot of material over the years, and gets the "this is great" idea until he crashes. So a couple extra opinions would be nice.
  2. Ditch


    Every now and then this dude shows up on this board. Take the trial and see for yourself if you can get filled at the prices he calls for his trades, even if you allow for 1 tick slippage. I bet nobody can.:p. Also pay attention if he follows up all his entries, he tends to forget the losers:confused: Then take into consideration slippage, 2 ticks per trade and commission. I guarantee you there won't be much profit left at the end of the day. So no surprise this guy still runs a chatroom. Would you if you could average 15 points/day/contract?
  3. saico


    I tried the free trail and was absolutely disappointed. 15, 20, 30 points per day and contract? Maybe 1.5, 2.0, or 3.0, less is more realistic. The trade posts and profits on his website have nothing to do with the real posts made in the chatroom. Don't waste your time and money.

  4. r-in


    in ET. Maybe I will at least take the trial, just seems like 3 days isn't much, but better than alot of others. My friend did say it isn't a signal service, but for learning. I'll see what I can.
  5. good way to watch "smoke and mirrors" trading.... something people never tire of......
  6. J-Trade



    I've been a tactrade subscriber for just over a year & it's taken me from being a consistent loser to consistently profitable. I'm still learning & making many mistakes, but this is the only daytrading service I would recommend (I'm not saying there are not other good ones). I trade the ym & am about to add bonds; followed shortly by estx50 & euro bonds (I live in Europe, so you can trade easily two opens).

    It's good to employ healthy skepticism in the trading business, but you're always going to get cynical comments on this board, as you can see above...

    Unfortunately, the 3 day trial will not tell you much, as it gives you neither website access nor custom indicators, but I reckon the huge amount of really excellent educational resources within the subscriber part of the tactrade website are well worth a 3 month sub.

    Barry (of tactrade) can sometimes be both gruff & abrasive within his chatroom, so if you're worried about being embarrassed online, maybe tactrade is not for you. But if avoiding such embarrassment is more important than learning to trade, daytrading may not be for you (and, of course, tactrade may simply not be your cup of tea anyway). That said, my experience is that Barry has a very genuine wish to help his subscribers to succeed & is willing to work with you if you show you are serious about the endeavor.

    Barry teaches a method, not a 100% mechanical system and it is absolutely NOT a signal service. If that's what you want, you should go elsewhere.

    Hope that helps,

  7. Ditch


    Barry's got the same method as most of his peers: calling the move after the fact. Not a signal service.. that cuts off every criticism on the listed "calls" on his website.
  8. look


    have been with tactrade for a year or more. You have to look at it more as a commitment to learn a successful method of trading. It's not a signal service and you won't get much by the trial. Actually it took me around 6months of following the chatroom everyday, and studying the training material in the site sometimes until 4 in the morning until the method grew into me and started being consistant and profitable. And that's what it's all about. Being able to follow a winning method and learn how to read price... It's not gonna happen in a day and certainly it's not gonna happen by following signals in whatever chatroom. yeah I understand how many people that take the trial think that his entries are outrageous but trust me after awhile you can be even better than that, well sometimes.. Anyways he is genuine and the greatest thing about tac is that he spends the time and loves to pass his knowledge to people that ask for it..
  9. r-in


    He is making money using the methods, and has no complaints. Going over and reading the replies on this thread and having sat and listened to the trading and watched my friend, I think I tend to agree with all the replies on the thread. Most especially with the idea that if you study it and learn you will probably to be able to apply it and make money. Probably the same with most methods except the total scams, committment is the key. Appreciate all the comments, still haven' t made a final decision yet.
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