tablet evolution

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by iprph90, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. iprph90


    does anyone foresee a tablet with a pop-out handheld phone for for those who want just one CI

    Design? i have no clue.

    Practical: i think so.
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    Thanks for digging that up James....I don't believe it has debuted in the US market yet....I would be buyer at a reasonable price.
  4. Humpy


    I want one that makes a cuppa tea and provides free sex too. So get on it whizz kids !!

    Seriously they never seem to put a discreet handle on these new gizmos ? The number that are dropped must be huge.
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    Don't want to rain on their parade too much but the tech show at Las Vegas is just a mess of tablets etc. Not much new there, just a bit faster or HD. You would think with all those billions to hire the best etc. they would come up with something well new. Acres of screens and .........?
  7. iprph90


    I kinda agree with you, but, we have become desensitized by our insatiable lustful appetite for new technology. We want to eat our dulce de leche and defecate our vanilla ice cream at the same time.

    Yes, billions are being spent, and guess what, its money well spent, because we are buying this stuff up and these companies are making money. We are totally awestruck by the latest model, and increased pixels and the razor thin design, even though there is very little innovation.