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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Carlos6a, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. Carlos6a


    What software is suitable for trading pairs/spreads of futures?

    I want to trade for example the T-Bond Future long against te T-Note Future short.

    Now i.m looking for software where i can chart the spread between these two futures and use indicators on this spread for annalyzes.
  2. Hi Carlos6a

    Since March 05 I'm using for trading pairs/spreads the software from www.prorealtime.com
    The package is superbe and I would highly recommend it.

    Free (with EOD) and easy!
  3. Carlos6a


    looks nice, but i can't create orders with prorealtime.

    Which TA software where i can analize futurepairs and where i can create pairs en use indicators on these pairs, can do this?
  4. zltrader


  5. What you asked for is a feature called indicator on indicator. Many brand name platforms have that.

    Once the spread indicator is applied, you can add any indicators on top as if it is a data series.

    There is also another way to track customized pairs. Its called user defined symbols, some platform call that customized symbol, etc.

    What that does is that you can create a symbol of your own that track basically anything - spreads, weighted index, etc.

    You can then quote and chart these symbols as if they are normal symbols.

    NeoTicker can do both, but check your current platform first, it may already have what you want, just that you do not know how to look for it, and now you know :)