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  1. I am an Ensign user, and love the software, except for one serious flaw. It wasn't written for multi monitor use. Its a major hassle to use when running several at a time. For example, windows must be dragged instead of maximized if you want a chart to cover an entire screen vs spread out on all of them.

    Can anyone recommend a good TA software that has been written for multi monitor use. I am not looking for something like Aspen, which requires you to run a separate instance of the software on each screen. Just something that will allow me to zoom to one screen, etc.


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    TradeStation is great but you'll pay for it (~140/month) if you don’t make 10 or more round trips on index futures, or x number of shares. I like ensign for its speed and indicator flexibility also but TS and eSignal are great on maximizing available screen space. What really annoys me about ensign is that you can’t minimize window captions and you have to stretch the app across multiple monitors.
  3. yup, its a hassle.
  4. If you want 'good' software, you'll have to write it yourself. Nobody is going to sell this to you.
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  6. You're talking about a Windows function, but you can have only one "restore" sizing at a time for each chart.

    If you want to display a smaller number of charts and be able to display the others in a full screen with one click, there is a way.
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    Hi Jay, have you tried QuoteTracker? I often do the same thing as you do and QT does that effortlessly. The best part is it's free or $6 / month if you don't want to see the ads.

    Happy trading :)
  8. Yes, I know. The problem is that if a program is not written with multis in mind, everytime you max a small window, its going to expand to all your monitors, not just the monitor it is on. It restores just fine. That's not the problem.

    Viewing a chart maxed over all 4 monitors just doesn't work for me. Ensign knows of this problem, but believes it is not cost effective for them to address it (yes, they told me this).

  9. Not quite robust enough for me, but thanks anyway.
  10. I doubt there is software anywhere that will do what you want... you're asking for an application to override the operating system. As you view your regular setup, you are already viewing the chart in the "restored" position. What you want (and we'd all like) is to be able to "maximize, but fill only 1/3 or 1/4 of the extended desktop". Never happen.

    If it will help, here's how I handle it...

    I have 3 x 19" monitors displaying 6 charts. Then, I size about 20 other charts the way I like (to fill one single screen is most common) and minimize the charts and have the minimize bars lined up along the bottom of the displays. When I want to see a chart, I click and see it filling one screen.
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