TA of the T-Bond?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by cordura21, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. Hello guys, this is my first post on these forums.

    Do you guys know of any source of TA of the 10yr Bond price/yield, on the net?

    As a subquestion: given that the bond trades in two different ways:

    a) Open auction: 07:20am-02:00pm
    b) Electronic mk: 07:00pm-04:00pm

    How do you calculate pivot poins, or how do you consider hi/lo/open/closings?

    Thanks very much, Andrés
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  3. Hi cordura21,

    Assuming your monitoring charts after doing your pivot point analysis...

    Does your charting program allows both Open Auction and Electronic Mk ???

  4. yeah, it shows both. Do you know if there is a consensus about it, and also if there's a place where TA for the bond is discussed.
    It's odd for me that such an important market doesn't get much coverage in the technical field.

  5. Discussions about Bonds are being discussed any where at ET just like anything else.

    However, the designated location for talking about Bonds or Notes is at the below link...


    Also, TA application in Bonds and Notes is just as popular as any other trading instruments.

    Yet, Bonds and Notes tend to be traded by more professional traders or veteran traders looking for a little diversity...

    These traders tend to not be posting TA observations eventhough they use TA.

    If you have any TA questions, TA insights or general insights about Bonds or Notes...post them at the above link because there are Bond traders at ET.

  6. Thanks a lot for the info. Cheers, Andrés