TA is proven to work while junk theories on TA fail

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  1. I will quote the final conclusion while the link below gives the full details

    Technical Analysis Redefined

    Combining extremes in TRIN, volume, and proximity to potential reflective boundaries, creates an indicator that correctly identified seven major bull markets and four major bear markets. (see charts appendix 6 and 7)

    We have demonstrated that at significant turning points, the ultimate trend of the market can be predicted. We have introduced a new idea in technical analysis, the idea of “reflecting boundaries.” While in this paper we have demonstrated longer term boundaries, this idea can be used for the shorter term as well. This concept when used in conjunction with existing technical indicators can greatly assist the analyst in pinpointing market turning points. We hope this paper opens new possibilities for those who work at this mystifying discipline.

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    Why so many similar threads on convincing yourself and others?
  3. So this is proof that it works every 10 years on average , so it worked 10 times in last 100 years.So does it really work consistently on a day to day basis or yearly basis?
  4. R-MESA

    10 consecutive years results.

    Consistently top rated by Futures Truth for day trading results.
  5. You have one meal every 10 years then!
  6. R-MESA - Day trading results for ten years??

    Up to you when you eat - I eat daily :)
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    I'm starting to become curious about that too involving this common theme with all of these threads lately. I'm a TA user but its not the only thing I use in my trading plan. Its just a tool that works well with all the other things in my trading plan.

    I can easily find articles by smart folks, testing by the academia that shows TA does work or TA does not work. I've come to the conclusion that my profitable approach to using TA doesn't correlate with those that tested TA and say it works nor does it correlate with those that tested TA and say it does not work. :D

    In the past, these types of threads showed up a few times each year...for it and against it. Yet, now it seems they are showing up a few times every month. :(
  8. Pure marketing.

    This is how the OP advertises himself on the board.

    He is fishing for prey for his TA mentor services.

    Instead of going through the sponsorship program he does this to avoid the sponsor fee.

    Which makes you wonder, if his TA is so powerful, why bother right? :D
  9. A dozen mentors and trading educators work under multiple hands , they start up multiple threads on TECHNICAL ANYLYSIS.These same buggars appear on the t/a threads.

    Are they selling courses on technical anylysis.:D :D
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    The article is sort of interesting, sort of overbought/sold indication applied fractally and supplemented with steroids.. I suppose that, were I trading massive amounts of capital.. and an exit strategy could be devised.. that I'd refer back to that article..
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