TA guys, Look at this chart.

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    In my humble opinion I would not short it at this moment, there is liable to be a rally in this area, and I hate being under water right out of the gate. Of course I'm wrong all the time, but what are the odds this train keeps going straight down to target levels without pulling back? You do the math :). Either way you're responsbile in the end, it's your analysis that needs to get you in, and your analysis the *must* get you out according to plans already made before entry.

    Goodluck and keep us posted,
  2. Tested 50 bar MA on the Daily chart for QUIK...

    He he he he...

    Funny... Losing strategy.... Bwahahahahahahahaha
  3. Could you be more specific, ie., it is a losing strategy to short it here, it is a losing strategy to trade using the 50ma, etc.?
  4. Looks like a close above $8 would be my stop if I went short.
    I would wait for a pullback to $7.75-$7.50 before going short.
  5. didnt trade quik. out of my system. low price, low volume.

    looks like quik bounced off the 50ma nicely..
  6. Well, it depends on the exit strategy but...

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    WDGann, do you ever post anything useful? Or, is it all just meaningless drivel? Just wondering...

    I would think with 1500+ posts, there had to be something of significance. But, one sure cannot tell by your recent posts.
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    This stock has strong support at $6.00 & at $3.00
    STRONG BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Short this stock and you will lose ALL of your money!!!
    Stock to break $9.00 on this next leg up and/or withen the next 90 days.
  9. Very nice. I wish that every new trader who asks the question, "can I make money trading" would be told this one simple fact.
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