TA guy on BLOOMBERG this past weekend

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by blackguard, Dec 29, 2003.

  1. Interesting TA guy on Bloomeberg this past weekend. I've seen him before and hes been spot on! His full name escapes me, but his first name I believe is Tom. Hes a 30-35 year old Englishman.

    his TA showed:

    1) EURO- going to 140-150 - long term

    2) GOLD- going over 1000 maybe 2000 - long term

    3) DOW JONES INDU- next year will surpass the alltime high of 11750 or so before mid year, however will end net negstive for the year indicating a crash/mini crash in the fall

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    Hope he's right. Nasdaq 3000 would be nice also.
  3. nkhoi


    Tom Dorsey?
  4. mmillar


    Do you mean Tom Hougaard? Don't let him hear you call him English - he's Dutch!! (though he does work in England).

    He posts a lot here...

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    interesting link, the site offer book like "500 of the Most Witty, Acerbic and Erudite Things Ever Said About Money", may be I should order it :D
  6. Under which alias? Can't find him.
  7. mmillar


    He posts under TomH.

    Anything to do with MarketMap is his (though you have to pay for it - I don't so can't comment). He posts in various threads, this one for example...

  8. THIS IS PURE BS Nobody can make LT predictions like that
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    While I think of it he also posts on some boards as SunSeeker. There is a SunSeeker on this board but I don't know if it is him.
  10. its not bull$hit, Ive followed him in the past and hes been spot on! I wouldn't even bring him up if he wasnt relevant.

    Is Tom Dorsey 30-35? No, its not him

    His first name is Tom, hes bald and about 30-35 years of age and very articulate and very good. Next time hes on I will get his name. At times he's on 'Food for thought' on Bloomberg on the weekends.
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